PFLAG Central Kentucky

Lexington  ---  Frankfort

PFLAG Central KY is best known as a support group for parents and families with Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender or Questioning (LGBTQ) young and adult sons or daughters.  And while this is true, we encourage all LGBTQ persons and allies to join us at our meetings. We come from different stages and levels of acceptance; uncomfortable, scared and confused to comfortable and supportive. No matter where you lie you are welcome to our confidential and non-judgmental meetings.

-We are a support group for parents, families and friends with gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans family or friends
-We are LGBTQ persons who want to be in a supportive community
-We are straight spouses with LGBTQ partners
-We are dedicated to helping one another
-We learn about LGBTQ related issues in our families and in our society
-We have meetings that are safe and nonjudgmental where attendees and conversations remain confidential
-We welcome everyone interested in support, education and advocacy
-We help change attitudes
-We create an environment of understanding so that our LGBTQ family members and friends can live in a world that is safe and inclusive.

-Through support, education, and advocacy we foster dialogue, create safe environments and open hearts and minds.​